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President’s Letter


Welcome and thank you for taking time to visit the HCAM Website. Enjoy your cup of coffee and browse for a while. You will find so much information available there may be need to  refill your cup. Perhaps you missed a previous copy of the Quarterly Newsletter; the website has the past 10 copies listed.  If someone wants to know how to become a member, the information is there. HCAM’s Calendar of Events is available with all meetings listed for the upcoming year.

Updates are ongoing and dates are listed for Conference up to 2017. Send your District pictures and information to that you would like to have appear on the web to: [email protected].


Carol Machovsky

Your HCAM President


June 2014 letter from President Carol Machovsky [doc]

2013 Year end report and Nov. board summary [click here to read]

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 Presidents letter Oct 2013

2013 Presidents Annual Report [PDF]

January 2013 Presidents Report [PDF




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