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Consulting Services

Are you looking for ways to update your auxiliary or volunteer group’s ways of doing business? HCAM can help put your group on a new track. Consulting services are available through HCAM and they are free of charge to HCAM members. Topics available include:

  • Merging Groups
  • The HCAM Story
  • Agree to Disagree / Conflict Management 
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Starting up a New Auxiliary
  • Starting up a New Volunteer Service
  • How to Communicate to Groups via Email
  • Assistance with By-Laws
  • Questions with your specific organization
    Consultation services are also available to non-members.  Please contact us at [email protected] and describe for us your needs.  Whether a small or large group setting, or a request for conference presenters, we would love to work with you as you set your goals for increasing your leadership skills within your organization.  

For more information or to request consultation services, contact HCAM at [email protected].

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