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Table of Contents


Articles of Incorporation/Bylaws

  • Articles of Incorporation: [PDF]
  • IRS: Employer Identification Number: [PDF]
  • Bylaws of HCAM: [ PDF]
  • Registration of HCAM: [PDF]
  • Certificate of Tax Exemption: [PDF]

Standing Rules

Goals and Objectives

Current HCAM Membership List

HCAM Board Orientation

  • HCAM Statewide District Hourly Value Statistics: [Poster]
  • Because you asked ... [PDF]

Expectations of HCAM Board Members

  • Expectations of Board Members: [PDF]
  • Ground Rules, HCAM Board of Directors: [PDF]
  • HCAM Membership Drive Guidelines: [PDF]

Board Roster and Committee Roster

HCAM Executive Committee: [PDF]


  • 2012 HCAM Dues Schedule: [PDF]

Board Member Position Descriptions


  • Website Manager [PDF]
  • Past President [PDF]
  • Assistant Treasurer/Membership Data Manager [PDF]
  • District Team: [PDF]
  • Heart of Minnesota Award: [PDF]
  • Legislative Co-Chairs: [PDF]
  • Member At Large: [PDF]
  • Newsletter Editor: [PDF]
  • Parliamentarian: [PDF]
  • President-Elect: [PDF]
  • President: [PDF]
  • Secretary: [PDF]
  • Vice President/Annual Meeting: [PDF]
  • Vice President/Membership: [PDF]


Affiliated Organizations

Annual Reports

  • HCAM President's Report and Priorities, Nov. 2011: [PDF]
  • HCAM President Elect's Report, Sept. 2011: [PDF]
  • HCAM President's Report, Sept. 2011: [PDF]
  • HCAM President's Report, June 2011: [PDF]
  • HCAM Past President's Report, June 2011: [PDF]
  • HCAM President's Year End 2010: [PDF]
  • HCAM President's Report, Nov. 2010: [PDF]
  • HCAM President-Elect's Report, Nov. 2010: [PDF]
  • HCAM President’s Report, 2009: [PDF]
  • HCAM President’s Report, 2008: [PDF]

Board Meeting Minutes

Current Budget and Treasurer’s Report

District Information


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